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Mind Update: Pleasant Works Better

This is an amazing talk from TED where the workings of the mind are explored:


Benefits of Cooling the Brain

It is common knowledge that cooling the brain with a wet cloth eases headaches. In complex situations, cooling organs prolongs their chances of survival in trauma. A researcher is working on developing a helmet envelops puts the head in a soothing cooling flow of air. Meditation practitioners have long known that cool breeze-like flow is a sign of balance and positivity. Temperature being just a little lower than normal body temperature. In this article the speculation drives at developing medical technology, however generating a cooling breeze is inherent in many meditation practices. The five vital breaths (Prana, Saman, Udan etc.) travel up the central channel, cooling the chakras and finally the brain matter at the final stage before yoga or union occurs at the top of the head.

Link to the New Scientist article here:


Rest & Sleep Not Enough

Resting and Sleeping alone is not enough to rest the mind, this story suggests. Some interesting snippets from the article:

“There is a huge amount of activity in the [resting] brain that has been largely unaccounted for,” says Marcus Raichle, a neuroscientist at Washington University in St Louis.

The fact that the brian is unable to “switch off” when not working on mental tasks is an intriguing research question. This article is an interesting read.

Another relevant snippet:

“Sokoloff, a researcher at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, … … expected his volunteer’s brain to guzzle more oxygen as it crunched the problems, but what he saw surprised him: his subject’s brain consumed no more oxygen while doing arithmetic than it did while he was resting with his eyes closed.”


ADHD Blog on Meditation Benefits

Earlier we saw a link to the ADHD research video on this blog here. Today the ADHD Blog reported in the same vein, the benefit summary of meditation on children with ADHD.