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Achieving Yoga Through Meditation: Podcast

This podcast provides background about yoga, an formational 10 minute talk by Shri Mataji, a master of yoga through kundalini awakening followed by a 10 minute guided meditation.

Achieving Yoga (30 mins)

[Total Length: About 30 min]


Meditation – Wednesday Evening March 25th 2009


Music to Meditate To: Santoor

Santoor is a beautiful eastern instrument which produces a mellow yet dynamic sound. Here is a youtube video for meditating on:


Next Class Preview: Class #3 | Feb 4th 2009

At this point, we have spent almost two weeks mastering basic meditation, balancing our energy channels and learning how to guide energy using our hands.

In the next class this Wednesday, we will finish learning the rest of the hand movements. Why do the hands movements work so well for directing our energies? We will answer this question by exploring the nature of the inner energy within us. The disc for week 3 has three guided meditations that will help you to master the complex hand movements. These optional hand movements are great for getting into meditation faster and spending more time enjoying meditative bliss and less time getting into it!

Here is a preview of the third audio compilation:


Please remember to bring your footsoak tub, disc #2 and your learning tracker card!


A Breathing Meditation (4 minutes)

Spare a few minutes in your lunch-hour to center yourself with this soothing 4 minute meditation. The air element helps our 4th chakra, the cardiac center.