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Fall 09 Course Announced! Limited Seats, Sign Up ASAP!

Course Location: 3110 West Liberty, Ann Arbor 48103 (Plenty of Free Parking)
Timings: Most Thursdays at 6pm – 7:30pm in Fall 2009 (Exact Schedule Below)
Security Deposit $5 for Audio CDs Checked Out During the Course, Refunded Promptly Anytime!

To Signup: Fill Out the Contact Form or email

Commonly Asked Questions:

1.Is there a fee/expectation of donations?

No. Nada. Zip! All meditation meetings and courses are free of charge, of course, in our continuing mission to empower everyone with the skills to maintain inner peace.

2. Will I lose my $5 security deposit if I scratch/break/feed-my-pet the Audio CDs?

No! We will return the deposit at the end of the course, if there has been a good faith attempt to get the CDs back to us. We like to be nice. :)


Welcome to Fall! New course starting October 1st

You will be able to attend a free 8 week course this fall in Ann Arbor! All the basics of meditation will be covered during this course which has received a great response in the past. Make sure you decide and register in time as seats are limited at 10 due to space constraints.
Course Schedule


Just five more seats remain for Spring Course!

8 Week Meditation Course in Livonia: Enroll Yourself or Invite a Friend!

We still have a few seats left for the class starting next
Wednesday. If you’ve already enrolled, please ignore this
email. Please see course info and enrollment information below.
Enroll yourself or forward to someone who might need some
relaxing meditation in their lives!

Sign up for the next comprehensive first course in meditation
at the Stautzenberger Institute in Livonia. Build your personal
meditation practice with this 8 week course, which meets every
Wednesday evening, beginning April 29th.

May be there is a friend or family member who could benefit, so
don’t hesitate to have them contact me or simply forward this

For more details, see the course flyer and schedule below.
Seats are limited so reserve yours now!

Course Flyer Online:
Course Schedule Online:
Apply to enroll via this page:

Vic Divecha

p.s. Cost is free. There will be a refundable security deposit
$7 for CD media


Winter 09 Course: Now Enrolling

Meditation Course Available Free of Charge!

Meditation is a proven approach to manage stress, gain inner peace and balance. A free meditation course in Spring 2009 at the Stautzenberger Health & Wellness Institute in Livonia, MI.

Livonia, MI April 13th 2009 – Free meditation classes are being offered at the Stautzenberger Health & Wellness Institute starting Winter 2009. The weekly evening classes will provide instruction in meditation, advice to sustain a balanced stress-free routine and everyday relaxation techniques.
Meditation workshops will be conducted by a group of local meditation teachers from Great Lakes Meditation which specializes in meditation outreach through free meditation workshops, seminars and courses. Each class will consist of meditation theory, practice and application. Skills to understand one’s own and other’s subtle system of chakras will be taught.

Meditation research has shown proven benefits through reduction in thinking processes, which results in a calming state of mind, often called thoughtless awareness. The teachers are experienced in providing relevant feedback to aide student progress and teach hands-on skills in energy work. This makes the course engaging, enjoyable and relevant. Benefits are tangible almost immediately as the techniques are easy practice and do not require strenuous poses, specific clothing or dietary needs.

The group of instructors have taught meditation & conducted demonstrations at various venues in South East Michigan, including high school courses in Ann Arbor. The vision is to empower individuals to be self-sufficient in sustaining inner balance and be value adding members of society in the future. For the knowledge to be accessible and sustainable an open source model is adopted where the meditation knowledge is understood and applied freely without the need to license the further use or patent the processes.

The weekly classes will open up new opportunities to learn meditation, meditate collectively and become skilled at maintaining balance in the inner energy system of chakras and channels. Learn all about the course offering at the open house on December 13th 2008, 10am – 4pm at the Stautzenberger Health & Wellness location in Livonia ( For meditation information please visit


Achieving Yoga Through Meditation: Podcast

This podcast provides background about yoga, an formational 10 minute talk by Shri Mataji, a master of yoga through kundalini awakening followed by a 10 minute guided meditation.

Achieving Yoga (30 mins)

[Total Length: About 30 min]


Be Healthy on a Budget

This story suggests meditation as one of the ways to be healthy on a budget. I say to that: True dat. Click to click the image to read more of the story. In the great lakes region one can find a few locations that offer free meditation in Michigan, Indiana, Chicago, Southern Illinois, Ontario and PA.


Video: ADD/ADHD Research

For a summary of the research, graphs and comments, see


UW: Attention & Meditation

This story from University of WI-Madison tells of how attention is not a constant, but dynamic property that is enhanced through meditation.


Meditation for City Employees

This is from today’s news sotries… click on the image to go to the guardian website. Its not just the city, but other corporations like Reebok and PriceWaterhouseCoopers offering meditation as a healthly activity for its employees.


Meditation Research (BBC)

Meditation is not just about stress relief and relaxation, but getting a better grip on reality. An Interesting story from meditation research on the BBC: