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Fall 09 Course Announced! Limited Seats, Sign Up ASAP!

Course Location: 3110 West Liberty, Ann Arbor 48103 (Plenty of Free Parking)
Timings: Most Thursdays at 6pm – 7:30pm in Fall 2009 (Exact Schedule Below)
Security Deposit $5 for Audio CDs Checked Out During the Course, Refunded Promptly Anytime!

To Signup: Fill Out the Contact Form or email

Commonly Asked Questions:

1.Is there a fee/expectation of donations?

No. Nada. Zip! All meditation meetings and courses are free of charge, of course, in our continuing mission to empower everyone with the skills to maintain inner peace.

2. Will I lose my $5 security deposit if I scratch/break/feed-my-pet the Audio CDs?

No! We will return the deposit at the end of the course, if there has been a good faith attempt to get the CDs back to us. We like to be nice. :)


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