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Fall09 Class: First Break Info

Hello! We have arrived at our first class break. I’d be happy to help you stay on track with the class in case you missed last Thursday’s session. Note that the class will NOT meet this Thursday (10/22) and Next Thursday (10/29), as per the original schedule.

Summary of previous class & make-up resources
The two things covered last week were hand movements for (a) raising our energy and (b) putting ourselves in a protective shield. These movements are meant to get us into balance faster and protect us from any negative energy in our surroundings that might disrupt our state of peace within. In the class we explored in detail the subtle logic behind these hand movements.

(a) Raising our inner energy:

(b) Shielding our being:

How to use these movements?
Do (a), followed by (b) before and after your daily meditations. The daily meditations for the break period comprises of two compilations which focus on the lower half of our subtle system (refer to the chakra system graphic in the learning tracker).

The other thing covered in detail was the “homework assignment” for these three weeks. I will look for the best way to communicate that portion of our session in the next couple of days – its difficult to put into words. I will also send out a poll for an online check-in session where we can meet over the internet in the “Live” section of this website for a meditation and recap of last week’s session.

Until then, please learn these two hand movements and incorporate them in your new meditations: Compilation 3 and Compilation 4


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